Why Repair

Repairs are a quick, convenient, and safe method of improving an ugly and potentially dangerous stone chip damage in a windshield. We are a reputable, year-round mobile windshield repair company servicing commercial and non-commercial customers like you, every day.  Take a look at what one of our divisions can do for you, and why our company philosophy is that of windshield repair versus windshield replacement.

A Glass Reconditioners and Glass Rejuvenators windshield repair will:

Prevent the break from spreading

Improve the optical clarity of the windshield

Restore the strength and integrity of the windshield

Save costs and potential problems (such as leakage and wind noise) compared to replacements

Help positively impact the environment

Annually, over 11 million windshields are replaced in the United States, alone. Considering that windshields currently do not get recycled, over 250 million pounds of glass are filling up the growing landfills in our country every ear.

A decision to repair versus replace can help impact something we cannot replace… our environment!

Our Repair versus Replacement philosophy

The seal between a windshield and a roof system is the safest possible bond when installed under original factory requirements. This bond is important for the safety and integrity of the roof system and the airbag systems of your vehicle. When the windshield is replaced and the bond is broken, the safety and integrity of the vehicle is compromised. The results are safety systems that are not as rigid as when installed under original factory requirements.

A damaged windshield might distract you while driving, which in turn can become a dangerous situation for you, your passengers and the people around you.

Because of our company-wide high standards and our No Hassle lifetime guarantee, we take our time to do things right. We strive to make our repairs as clear and virtually unnoticeable as possible.

Repairs are convenient

Glass Reconditioners and Glass Rejuvenators offer a 100% mobile windshield repair service. This means that we are able to perform our repairs at any location convenient to our customers i.e. home, work, etc. – don’t worry, we come to you!

Repairs are cost effective

A windshield repair costs only a fraction of the cost of a full windshield replacement. Having your windshield repaired will save both time and money.

Why wait? Give Glass Reconditioners or Glass Rejuvenators a call for a quote, today!